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What is Connie Mack?

The AABC Connie Mack World Series is hosted in Farmington, NM, each summer at Rickett’s Park. Baseball players, coaches, and teams from around the country come to compete in the series.

What is OneChurch?

OneChurch is a group of Christian churches in San Juan County consisting of pastors, leaders and congregations who have decided we are better together. While each church still has its own identity, location and services, there are specific times throughout the year we abandon our individual church identities to join together as one body, one voice, and OneChurch.

What is OneChurch Connie Mack?

OneChurch Connie Mack is a faith-based worship service that will be held on Sunday, July 28, at 10:00am at Rickett’s Park to kick off the Connie Mack World Series. Participating OneChurch churches are closing the doors to their respective locations on July 28 to have one church service together to provide a community-wide service for visiting teams.

Serving Opportunities:

One of the best ways to get connected is to use your time and talents to serve!

We have opportunities for team members in the following areas:

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  • Audio/Visual Team
  • Greeter Team
  • Offering Team
  • Prayer Team
  • Security Team
  • Merch Team
  • Project Registration Team
  • Medical Team
  • Cleanup Team